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Financing for ATP Pilot Training


The Mancuso Group

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Sue will tell you what you need to get a student loan for your ATP pilot training.

You will complete your training for a corporate or Airline Job with total  loans of about $55,000.  You will pay back a considerable portion of your debt by flying early and late and earn about $11,000 of bonus money to apply to your loans.

You will save over $100,000 vs the cost of attending a major University to get your ATP pilot training.

Why graduate with $200,000 of  student loans  that you will still be paying off when you are 40 years of age. You will become an airline pilot with very little debt and have superior stick and rudder skills  thanks to the Landing Doctor Code. Our ATP pilot training program has many unique techniques.

Our student loan program allows you to fly every day for only $303 per month. Flying every day will fast track you on your way to becoming an Airline or Corporate Pilot



TAA, Technically Advanced Aircaft-Bristell with Certified IFR Avionics

Our state of the art advanced Bristell  or updated C172 rent for  $140 per hour wet when you purchase our 10 hour pre-paid package. $172 per hour when taking advantage of our in house financing program.


Redbird FAA Approved AATD

Our Red Bird Flight Simulator rents for $85 per hour and $60 per hour for the CFI.


Pre-Paid Packages Available

Buy 10 hours of flight time in our 172 or Bristell for $2000 with  CFI. Receive a total of $2320 for your $2000.  5% more with credit card.

Housing is included for our out of town guest.


In House Financing for cadets with 600 or higher FICA scores



Student Housing

Our cadet housing is $505 per month. $305 paid now and the balance after your have a pilot job that pays over $100,000 per year.  You can have a private room for $805 per month.

Financing Rates

Contact Susan Mancuso at 516-319-5000