Fast Track LSA Instructor Program-Requirements

Arrive as a Private Pilot with a $2000 Down Payment and a first class medical.

  1. Speak with Sue Mancuso to arrange your student loan for $17,700. Your payment is  about $303 per month for 7 years @11%. This is for 100 hours of aircraft time and 40 hours CFI time.
  2. In as little of 4 months  you will earn your Light Sport Aircraft Certified Flight Instructor Rating. 
  3. We will hire you as a CFI and your compensation as a Light Sport Aircraft Certified Flight Instructor may take care of all your expenses. Your student loan, your housing,  your transportation, and food. 
  4. You will need an additional 20 hours of dual instruction from a CFII for the commercial rating and 20 hours for the instrument ratings. This will cost about $5634 and be financed for as little as 8 years at 5% and about  $71 per month. There is no more cost effective way to becoming an professional Pilot. 
  5. You will receive your multi-engine rating for about $2000. If you want or need 50-100 hours of multi for a special job or opportunity multi-engine time building programs are available. 
  6. We have other creative programs at our flight school that will give  you the opportunity to save additional money while attending our ATP pilot training program. You will learn to fly and have fun in the process.
  7. Our scheduling and billing process will mimic the procedures  used by many corporate flight departments. Once again we will be training you to be prepared for your first professional flying job. 
  8. If you are over 30 years of age, the down payment is $4000  and your monthly payment is $302 per month for 71 months @ 11% APR.

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Financing options and terms. 

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Private and Sport Pilot Options


Sport Pilot Course

FAA minimums:

  • 15 hours Dual
  • 5 hours Solo

Additional training hours will be required.  Rates are as follows:

  • Dual $232 per hour
  • Solo $172 per hour
  • Housing  $50 per night
  • 10 hours dual pre-paid $2000 if cash and $2100 if credit card. Save up to $320.00.
  • You can plan on about 50 hours of total time to earn your Sport Pilot License.


Written Test Boot Camp

SPORT PILOT WRITTEN TEST BOOT CAMP with our Chief Pilot Brant Howell $1500


  • One week  of intensive training
  • Housing for 7 days
  • A flying lesson during which you will learn:
  • The pre -flight inspection of a Bristell
  • The working of a Rotax engine
  • An intro to our Garmin GPS system
  • How to taxi and read runway markers.


Block Time

Give us a try for 10 hours of dual instruction in one of our TAA, Technically Advanced Bristell Aircraft.

  • This introductory package is only $2000. ($2100 if using a credit card)
  • After your 10 hour introductory package we will let you know if you qualify for our Guaranteed Sport Pilot Training package.
  • Housing is available at $50 per night.

You will need to arrive with your sport pilot or private pilot written test passed or attend our one week written test Boot Camp.


Become a Sport Pilot or Private Pilot in 3 weeks-Guaranteed* Housing included.

  • After completing our 10 hour introductory package , we will let you know if you qualify for our Guaranteed Pilot Program. 
  • For and additional $8000 we will give you 35 hours of dual instruction and 5 hours of solo time. 
  • This package includes 21 days of housing and the $500 fee that the Designated Pilot Examiner will charge for your flight test. 
  • *We are so confident that you will be prepared for your flight test after our 50 hour package, that if  you are not prepared  we will give you 10 more hours of dual instruction absolutely FREE. That's right we said 10 more hours on the house.  If you are still not prepared after the 10 complimentary hours, which is unlikely,  you will be required to pay for any additional flight training at that time.


Garmin Avionics

When you complete our training you will be skilled in:

  • The operation of the Garmin Avionics.  
  • You will be comfortable operating the Autopilot.
  • You will understand the proper operation of the Garmin G3X Touch 10 inch screens.
  • You will have a thorough understanding on how to make traffic appear on the touch screen. This will  keep you safe. Our traffic displays are better than what is found in many airliners. 



Before you arrive please learn a little about the Garmin G3X Touch by going to our learning, safety site: .

You should also read the Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge which you can find a free copy  on the Landing Doctor site.