Flying is serious business, but we do take breaks to have some fun

We have a Aero Adventura Sea Plane and all of our cadets get some stick time in our amphibian. 

A Day a Disney World and another at Epcot Center

We have a day trip to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center once per year.

A Fishing Trip and a Sailing Trip in the Gulf

One of our best outings is to head west to the gulf coast and fish in the Gulf of Mexico. We also have an annual sailing day in the Gulf.

Drive a Race Car

Our day at the Sebring race track is exciting as our cadets get to drive a race car. Now that is fun.

A Day at the Beach

During spring break we head to the Ocean for a day at the beach. You get to know your CFI better after spending a day at the beach.

A Day on a Pontoon Boat on Lake Sebring

It is always fun to pack a lunch and  cruise around Lake Sebring on a pontoon boat.