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Dear Lou and Suzie Mancuso,
Just a note to you and your dad to say thank you for the relationship we

Testimonial for 19 year relationship


Dear Lou and Suzie Mancuso,

Just a note to you and your dad to say thank you for the relationship we have had for the last 19 years.  Both of us have benefited from the relationship.  I remember when I first approached your dad about lending $30K or so against the Mohawk.  Little did I know it would turn into a major deal with me forming a company to serve as a government contractor for Iraq and other things.  The momentum from this has taken me to the Pentagon, all over the world, met scores of Hero’s from our military (lots of asses too), developed UAV’s just on and on.  The guys who bought the DA-42 are colleagues I know from this business.  They are picking up the torch and I am still going to be involved as a consultant to their activities.  This was meant to be.  I could write a book.

Thank you,

Paul Pefley

Very successful Long Island Businessman


Joe Weiss

“Lou Mancuso is now and has always been one of the most caring, reputable and sincere men that I have ever met in aviation.”

Lou loaned money to a friends daughter who was about to lose her home


Suzie Englebrecht Lange

“Lou has always been a wonderful and caring man. He has a good business and has helped many people, especially me.”

Mid Island Air Service long time customer


Michael Castellano

“I have been trained by Mid-Island Air and bought two aircraft from this fine company. When it was time to sell my planes, I also let Mid Island broker the planes for sale. There isn’t a company in all my years with more honesty, integrity, and respect for its clients than Mid-Island Air and the Mancuso family. I have been flying with Mid-Island Air for over 35 years and it has been such a wonderful experience. If I was asked to write a mission statement for this company, it would be honesty, integrity, respect, reliability, and always doing what is best for their clients and anything other than this would be just wrong.”

Airline pilot, mechanic, and businessman


Eric W. Gray

“I’ve known and done business with Louis Mancuso for nearly six years. Lou is a very honest, fair, and knowledgeable aviation professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy an aircraft from Mid-Island Air Service or Sport Flying USA.”

Young pilot from Europe who needed a plane to live


Anton Murray-Hill

“Lou Mancuso and his family gave me free accommodations when I started flight training and have always been there for me when I needed help. Do not ever question his integrity.”

Testimonial-We make ecstatically happy pilots


Greg Lettieri


Learning how to fly with Mid Island Air Service at the Bristell Flight Academy was the best thing I ever did. Lou Mancuso, the owner, approached me while I was a 20 year old student at his flight school and said, “Greg, why don’t you become an LSA Flight Instructor. You only need 150TT and you can begin right now, even before you earn your commercial license and instrument rating. You will save thousands of dollars as you will be getting paid while you accumulate the necessary hours to become a corporate or airline pilot. I took Lou’s advice. I am now 26 and fly a Legacy Jet. I love what I do. I cannot say enough good things about the Mancuso family and how they changed my life. Greg Lettieri 

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Tom and Kathy Holer

We love our Bristell. We fly all over the USA including light IFR and night.






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