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Sebring Flight Academy "Landing Doctor Certified"

we will prepare you to become an airline pilot for the lowest cost

we will prepare you to become an airline pilot for the lowest cost

we will prepare you to become an airline pilot for the lowest cost we will prepare you to become an airline pilot for the lowest cost

Professional Pilot Training Program



We prepare you for your first corporate job in 2 years for $66,000 with no money down. Pay only 1% per month interest only ($660) per month for 5 years, then 3.75% APR for 10 years amortized loan, also $660 per month. 

We guarantee you will earn your PRIVATE, COMMERCIAL, INSTRUMENT, CFI, AND MULTI-ENGINE.  WE have been teaching students to fly since 1946 and have had thousands of graduates.  A 700 FICA Score is required by you or your co-signer.    The FAA examiners charges about $700 per flight test. We will meat or beat all competitor pricing. We are the low cost producer because our owner,  Lou Mancuso, also owns the Bristell importing business for the USA. call Lou Mancuso 516-658-1847

A condition of your loan is that you sign over your $17,500 Airline signing bonus.



If a career as a professional pilot is your goal, Sebring Flight Academy provides a training path that is born from 74 years of flight training experience.  We focus on safety and follow the "Landing Doctor Code". 

www.thelandingdoctor.com  Our Academy will help you earn your ATP in record time for a low cost.   IN-HOUSE financing  is available for students that qualify.  You will complete your training  2 years sooner than your friends that went to a 4 year college. That means your seniority position will be much stronger. 



You do not need a commercial or instrument rating to become a LSA CFI. Sebring Flight Academy hires their LSA CFI graduates and pays higher then industry average wages while they build the necessary hours to get their first professional flying job.  

live at the academy and fly every day in sunny florida


 We will make you an LSA Certified Flight Instructor with 150 hours total time, without a commercial license or instrument rating.   Instead of paying for your hours, we will pay you  while you build your flight time. We own a 3 bedroom home and provide housing for as little as $305 per month for cadets who will become professional corporate or Airline pilots.

You will have a full schedule of students because we offer Sport Pilot Training  at less than half the cost of other schools.  Our Sport Pilot Course rates are as low as $135 per hour wet for dual instruction in a  new Technically Advanced Bristell Aircraft.  We own a beautiful 3 bedroom ranch house within walking distance of the school. Housing is as little as $30 per night for students who enrolled in our 4 week Sport Pilot Course. 


become an airline pilot for about $41,100


Compare the Sebring Flight Academy to University Programs

Sebring Flight Academy Cash Price University Programs

150 hrs Aircraft   @ $120/hr     $18,000          $13,500                                        @ $140/hr                $21,500

100 hrs CFI            @ $ 45/hr        $  4.500           $  4,500                                          @ $  65/hr                 $  6,500

 20 hrs CFI               @$  60/hr        $ 1,200           $  1,200                                           @ $  65/hr               $   1,300                                                                                                              

Instrument 35 hrs @ 180/hr      $  8,640          $  4,800                                                                                 $ 10,000

Commercial                                         $  8,640           $  4,800                                                                                 $ 10,000

Multi                                                        $  2,000            $  2,000                                                                                $     4,000

CFI                                                                            0                           0                                                                               $      6,000

Flight Test Fees                                 $   3,000           $  3,000                                                                                 $     3,000

Housing                                                 $ 12,120         $  7,320                                                                                  $ 18,000

Tuition                                                                     0                                                                                                            $200,000

Total                                                         $58,100         $ 41,120   Pre-paid                                                         $280,300


Our students become LSA CFI's in about 150 total time without a commercial license or

Instrument rating. 

They are paid as they build the hours they need to become professional pilots.

Since we are the importer for Bristell Aircraft  our students get some free flight time delivering our new Bristells  to new owners.

Enroll today by texting or calling Lou Mancuso "The Landing Doctor" @ 516-658-1847

                                                                                             email:  lou@bristellaircraft.com

It all starts with your first lesson.....

Your first Introductory Flight Lesson is one and a half hours of instruction with one of our Certified Flight Instructors. One half hour of simulator time followed by one hour in the aircraft. You will actually take the controls and perform the four fundamentals of flight.  The cost is $300.  Ask about our Groupon  Special for only $150.


Our Mission Statement

We continually improve our processes and procedures in an effort to make our customers ecstatically happy while maintaining the dignity of our family of employees.