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Professional Pilot Training Program



Your training will take place in brand new IFR Glass panel equipped Bristell Aircraft which are Technically Advanced Aircraft. Our TAA Bristell aircraft make the perfect platform to prepare you for a career as a professional pilot.Todays aircraft are equipped with avionics that demand a skill set that must be thoroughly mastered to be utilized fully and correctly. After completing your training at Sebring Flight Academy, you will be a wizard in the operation of Technically Advanced Avionics. 



We have been training pilots since 1946

Our Academy will help you earn your ATP for about $100,000 less than most major university flight programs. We focus on safety and follow the "Landing Doctor Code". For qualified students we offer accelerated training program options for both private pilot and sport pilot instructor certificates. If a career as a professional pilot is your goal, Sebring Flight Academy provides a training path that is born from 70 years of flight training experience. You will complete your training about 2 years sooner than your friends that went to a 4 year college. That means your seniority position will be much stronger. 

Zero to corporate flying job in 2 years for less than $55,000 Learn more by clicking on this tab at the Landing Doctor home page. www.thelandingdoctor.com


Arrive with a first class medical and a Private Pilots License and you earn your LSA CFI in 4 months. Requirements for the LSA CFI require 150 hours total time, a commercial and instrument rating are not required . Sebring Flight Academy hires their LSA CFI graduates and pays a higher then industry wage while you build the necessary hours to get your first professional flying job and your ATP license. You will become a professional pilot quickly. Our goal is to provide you with the experience, knowledge and financial freedom to get the professional pilot job you have been dreaming of. The professional pilot training you will receive at our Academy in new Bristell aircraft with housing and financing options will make you ecstatically happy.

Become an Airline Pilot in 2 years for less than $55,000


It all starts with your first lesson.

 Our Introductory Flight Lesson is one and a half hours of instruction with one of our Certified Flight Instructors. One half hour of simulator time followed by one hour in the aircraft. You will actually take the controls and perform the four fundamentals of flight:

 1. Climb

 2. Straight and level flight

 3. Turns 

 4. Glides

This Discovery Flight is $302. You will receive your very own log book and the hour counts towards your pilot's license.

Ask about our 10 hour block time special for 10 hours for $2350 including 7 nights housing. If you arrive with a friend you can share a room and it is only $2000 for the 7 nights housing and the 10 hours of dual instruction. $2500 if you stay in the Master Suite.






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