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Bristell- The right choice for flight schools

The BRISTEL LSA design  with its three-wheel fixed undercarriage configuration is the right choice of airplane for use in  flight schools. Thanks to the combined comfort and good ergonomic design it represents the largest cockpit in its category, this plane is the ideal vehicle for longer cross-country flights. The BRISTELL performance wings make cross-country flights much safer in extreme weather conditions due to an increased crosswind component of 15 knots.

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BRM Aero has built a state of the art production facility in the Czech Republic which has doubled production year on year since 2015. The 400th aircraft was rolled out in 2018. A factory expansion was completed  2017. BRM Aero is the brain child of  Milan Bristela.

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A Fleet of TAA Aircraft

TAA Aircraft Panel

Technically Advanced Aircraft are Equipped for IFR training with Garmin Glass panels. State of the art aircraft and avionics will prepare our cadets for a professional pilot career. Our Garmin Avionics Suites  have operating systems that are similar to what modern commercial aircraft use. Dual 10 inch Garmin G3X Touch screens, ADS-B in and out Autopilot with control module for GPS steering and Altitude hold and certified ILS.

Garmin Avionics

Equipped for commercial and  IFR traiing with dual Garmin G3X touch 10" screens, Autopilot and  ADS-B in and out, ILS.


FAA Approved AATD

FAA Approved Advanced Aviation Training Device The Redbird FMX Now with Cygnus!

 The goal of realistic simulation is to fool the mind into forgetting what it knows to be true in favor of what the senses are telling it. In the case of flight simulation, this means convincing the mind that it’s not sitting in a metal box, planted firmly on the ground, but that it’s cruising at 7000 feet. Getting the mind to admit that it’s wrong is not a simple proposition, and can’t be done with a single sensory input alone. The eyes and ears must be working in concert for the mind to truly believe. The Redbird FMX motion platform truly takes it to a new level. It manipulates the sense of balance, further selling the mind on the fact that it’s airborne, and not on terra firma as it so fervently believed before it was introduced to the FMX simulator.

Intelligent Instruction.

The Redbird FMX is a high-quality, feature-rich motion AATD,  with real-world flight training operations in mind.  With standard features that are anything but standard, such as wrap-around visuals, a fully enclosed cockpit, reconfigurable construction, and of course a motion platform, the FMX serves up a level of realism that is simply unavailable in other training devices on the market


Piper Seneca II

Multi-Engine Training

The Seneca has managed to stay in continuous production for so long by combining a solid airframe with a host of refinements and upgrades inside and out since the first PA-34 rolled out of the Piper factory in 1971. Today’s highly evolved Piper Seneca offers what a lot of pilots consider the ideal attributes of a personal airplane: two engines for redundancy in power and systems, respectable performance, stable handling, ice protection, the latest in avionics technology and lots of room in a comfortable cabin.

Additional Aircraft

Our fleet consists of a variety of aircraft to suit specific training needs.

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