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Mission Statement


Louis Mancuso, our CEO and founder is "The Landing Doctor". Lou has spent his life trying to make his customers safer. In 1992 he authored a booklet called "The Personal Limitations checklist, Expert Decision Making, Think Like a Pro,... for the newly certificated pilot (PLC).  Lou wrote the booklet so his customers would fly within their limits and be safe. The safety record at Lou's FBO has been outstanding ever since. When Lou became the importer for the USA for the Bristell he realized the light weight LSA aircraft powered by Rotax engines with light propellers had unique characteristics and need to be landed differently than heavier aircraft to achieve maximum safety.  One of Lou's long time customers at Mid Island Air Service, Inc., Lou school in New York, put on a putting demonstration after one of the Saturday safety clinics held at Mid Island and the customer referred to himself as "The Putting Doctor", even though he was never a pro golfer. Lou decided at that moment that his relentless pursuit of making pilots better at landing must make him the Landing Doctor. That his how the Landing Doctor came into existence. All Sebring Flight Academy cadets, CFI's, and management must follow the Landing Doctor Code in an effort to achieve maximum safety.  You can see the code on the tab above labeled MORE.


Part 1: PLC, the Personal Limitations Checklist

Part 2: GPA, Ground Proximity Awareness training

Part 3: DFGAP, the Defined Go Around Point.

To earn a Bristell challenge Coin, new Bristell owners and Academy cadets must land (on a day with a minimum crosswind of 6 knots) within 300 feet of the desired touchdown point, on the center line of the runway, on the main gear, then hold the nose off until any excess energy is depleted at which time they will initiate a go-around, fly within ground effect until reaching Vy, then climb. 


Vmcs is Velocity maneuvering climb speed. On climb out no maneuvering (turns) should be made until reaching Vy + 10. This is also part of the Landing Doctor Code.

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Go to www.thelandingdoctor.com for more information regarding safety. 

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Our Team-Experience-Honor

Lou Mancuso, CFI 7000TT "The Landing Doctor" CEO

Lou's dad started the family flight school in 1946. The Mancuso's have taught 1000's of cadets to become airline pilots and corporate pilots.

Visit www.thelandingdoctor.com to read about the Landing Doctor Code

Mike Mancuso, CFI 14,000TT

This is Mike as a young man flying as #4 Wing man for the Northern Lights Aerobatic Team. Lou says "Mike is the best pilot I know, he is my go to man for all flying questions" Mike holds 7 type ratings and is currently flying a Gulfstream 200 and a Turbine Helicopter

Brant Howell CFII 12,000TT "General Manager"

Brant has been involved in General Aviation for more than 30 years as a flight school owner and passionate flight instructor. His experience includes thousands of hours of instruction given and flight experience in many types of aircraft ranging from Piper Cubs to Cessnas and seaplanes to the latest technically advanced aircraft available. He is a veteran of United States Air Force and the 1550th Aircrew Training and Test Wing.

Kari Mancuso

Kari is an Ohio State graduate and handles everything financial and is the administrative assistant to the CEO. You will feel like family when you speak with Kari.

Susan Mancuso Guerra "Chief Loan Officer"

Sue is President of "The Mancuso Group" and is in charge of getting your student loan approved.

Thomas Guerra, CFI 8500TT

Thomas earned his CFI from Mid Island Air Service, Inc. in New York.

He currently flys a Citation Jet when he is not helping sell Bristells or teaching at the academy.

More Team Memebers

Evan Damadeo CFI 1000TT

Evan is  General Manager of our FBO in Brookhaven Long Island. Evan will enthusiastically help you with any issue you may have during your training.

Jerome B. Rounds

 Jerry is on our Board of Directors and brings many years of business knowledge to our organization.

Tad Olmsted

Maintenance and Support

A&P, AI, Avionics Certified, Rotax Specialist. 

We are proud to have Tad on our Team.

Louis Mancuso Sr. and wife Connie started the first Mancuso family flight school in 1946. Lou taught British cadets in Stearmans and AT-6's. Many of his British cadets fought in the Battle of Britain.

Phil Pignataro, Web Site Design

Board of Director.

Betty Wentzel, Director of Housing

Betty will answer any questions you may have regarding housing and transportation.


Celebrating over 70 Years in Aviation

Today the third generation of Mancuso's is prepared to continue the good work started 70 years ago.

First flight school opens in 1946

In the early 1940’s, based in Florida, Louis Mancuso  was teaching British Royal Air Force cadets in Stearmans and AT-6s.  Louis accumulated thousands of hours as a CFI  during the war years.  After the war  Louis returned to Long Island and in 1946 established Deer Park Airport  and Mid Island Air Service.